a18y virtual keyboard proposal

Proposal for a a18y virtual keyboard

Torino 10 marzo 2019

This is a draft on how a customizable virtual keyboard could be implemented in WordPress paragraph block.

1 there could be a plugin (?) that allows for creating a virtual keyboard with some 20 custom keys, that is suggested to the user when he/she uses three different ‘keyboard’ shortcuts to type e.g. accented characters as in French or Spanish.

2 once the plugin is active and the person types text, he/she can choose to have the custom keyboard displayed and thus use the ‘virtual’ keys to type a special character of choice. This appears certainly less cumbersome than using many different shortcuts (Gziolo suggested NO SHORTCUTS for typing) and would allow for any character set of choice.

See below a draft proposal of what the set up of a customized interface could look like and one of how the virtual keyboard might show into the paragraph window if requested.

It would be nice to receive feedback on this,

Thank you.

1 How to set up the virtual keyboard

2 How to use it with the editor